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I'm from the country. I like country things.
Among other things. 

I got into this game by writing short stories on a now-defunct Windows 95 word processor adjacent to my parents’ living room. They were weird – my stories, that is; my parents are well enough. Since then, I have relocated from the armpit of central Kentucky and found myself creating many different things for many different brands, all while learning from, collaborating with, and directing a group of many talented, diverse thinkers. 

But instead of going on about why I’m good at what I do, I’d much rather tell you about what makes me who I am. I love to travel. Tupac and Blink 182 have both had significant impacts on my life, albeit very different. My girlfriend’s cat that she got from an animal shelter is currently looking for work in the entertainment industry, and has proper representation. I'm also in the works of creating a pseudo-biographical novel – it's basically one of those stories that are "based on a true story," so there's no way of telling which part is true, and which I made up.

My love for all things country stops at the music. If you enjoy it, I don't blame you – it's just not my cup of tea. Then again, I don't even like tea. So there. 



Havas Worldwide
Momentum Worldwide


Gold ADAGE Award
Small Agency of The Year

Silver REGGIE Award
Miller Lite

Bronze ADDY Award
Integrated Campaigns
Miller Lite 


The Illinois Institute
of Art – Chicago
B.A., Advertising


These are the first spots of the campaign that helped HAVAS win the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's accounts. Big, bold flavor that you can't resist no matter how hard you try. Voiced by the illustriously silky smooth vocals of Matthew McConaughey. He tells me that he rides to the recording studio in the backseat of a Lincoln while gripping a glass of Wild Turkey 101 (*shoulder shrug*).

Plus a little radio to go along with. Both in-car and streaming.


Citi / aadvantage – built for adventure

What's cool about promoting a travel credit card from Citibank and American Airlines in 2017? Enlisting photographers and videographers who are cooler than you are to go out and capture 100+ hours of original footage and content from all around the world.

For the business version of the credit card, we did things a little differently—highlighting real-life business owners who are also cardmembers, and sharing their personal experiences with the product. 


Coors Light TV – "Crevice"

My team and I created this promotional spot that glorified the 2014 special edition pint from Coors Light. We decided that instead of introducing this new can to the world of our consumers, we would introduce consumers to a new world of refreshment.

And this is some of the out of home and alliance assets that were put together in tandem.


Coors Light TV – "Drip"

The same concept was applied to this next spot that released 3 months later.


Coors Light TV – "Mountain Tap"

Shot in Alaska as well as LA, this became commonground’s first-ever $1MM+ TV shoot.


Coors Light TV – "Wingsuit"

And this was commonground's second-ever $1MM+ shoot. This time shot in Switzerland and Buenos Aires. Although I didn't have as much creative control over this project as I would have liked, it's always great to see your idea brought to life – and here it is.


Coors Light Summer Brew TV – "Echo"

At the same time that "Wingsuit" was being shot, we were also in the middle of production of this next commercial for the new Coors Light Summer Brew. Craft services was interesting and amazing at the same time.


Miller Lite TV – "See & Say"

When Miller Lite released their new bottle in 2013, they wanted to draw attention to it in an exaggerated way. Directed by the man behind “Training Day,” this was one of the most beautifully shot commercials I’ve been a part of. 


Coors Light Radio – "Testing"

The world’s most refreshing can compares its new double vented wide mouth to the likes of Cube. The results are irrefutable.


Coors Light Print – The Source

Coors Light wanted to congratulate Ice Cube with this print ad featured in The Source, April/May 2014. It ended up making the back cover, forcing the magazine to create two editions of the issue.


Coors Light – Search For the Coldest

A nationwide competition to discover the coldest MC in the game. Featuring Ice Cube, DJ Drama, DJ Khaled and Bun B.



Before Kevin Hart got a DUI, he was the face behind Miller Lite’s newest comedy tour. The two-year program was put on hold just before the launch of our 2013 activation, after Kevin was pulled over buzzing from drinking a few Heineken with his boys—like, seriously, you can't even get high on your own supply? Anyway, we had to replace KH with the Wayans Brothers and redo everything ASAP. And then Shawn Wayans backed out a week before the first live event. So all we had was Marlon, and although he stepped up exceptionally, I can't help but imagine what could have been. Here's a print ad we put together for year 1. 


Coca-Cola – Pay It Forward BHM

This is the current Black History Month program for one of the world’s biggest brands. Initially brought to life by my team. Now duplicated by every other brand I see doing something for Black History Month.


VitaminWater – HBCU TAKEOVER

When vitaminwater hits college campuses, it hits hard. We challenged HBCU students to rep their school over all others for the opportunity to have their campus taken over by vitaminwater and friends.


Burger King – Pitch Campaign

We pitched the Burger King business a while back and I was the lead copywriter on the assignment. The whole idea centered around the fast food chain’s main point of difference: their flame-grilled food.


Illinois Lottery – Holiday Campaign

This OOH/broadcast campaign gave consumers an alternative to the traditional holiday gift. The Spanish option below translates to “Nobody wants that sweater.”

The joy behind creating this radio commercial was that we recorded everything from scratch, including the singers in the background. Featuring that lawyer guy from Seinfeld.


NFL Players Association – Print

The NFLPI is the one-stop shop for brands looking to leverage the Power of the Players. These are the B2B print ads we pitched as part of our campaign.


Sprite – BET Hip Hop Awards

Sprite has officially sponsored "the cypher" during the BET Hip Hop Awards for a few years now. To promote the brand's flyaway initiative to the event, we went back to the roots of the culture and created these guerilla out of home posters – first by hand, then by Photoshop.


Gabriel's Horn Foundation

For the past four years, Ahmad Islam has rallied a team of supporters to walk with his son, Gabriel (and family), as they fight the good fight against Autism. As a fan of superheroes, and a hero himself, we created the “Super Gabe” shirt, complete with utility belt, cape and emblem. The shirt reads, "Children with Autism are proof that superheroes exist."


Hamm's – Pitch Print

These were just fun to create. Enough said.


And, finally...

I like to have fun with my Art Directors. They deserve it.


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